The Many Faces of Sid

This is a picture story about our cat Sid

Sid 009

Sid 010


Pics of Sid, us and Nature 032

Pics of Sid, us and Nature 037

Garden adventures to follow.


Our handsome Sid


Our adopted cat Sid heard that I had rather neglected my animal site. So he suggested I try to revive it by posting some of his fantastic pictures and telling everyone his story. Sid was abused for the first three years of his life. To add insult to injury he was tossed out onto the street. At the time in 2009 we had lost our precious cat Cha-Cha who had been with us for 12 years.


We decided that the healing process would be easier to get another cat. We saw a rescue site here in Riga, Latvia where they save dogs and cats. They take them off of the streets, get them checked and fixed at a vets and then post pictures on the Internet to get people to adopt. Well there was Sid the moment I saw him I knew he was meant for us. I has all worked out well mutually and we are a happy family of three. Hope you like the photos. Will post more on him as time goes on.