A Puurfect New Year

Different Pics 029.JPG

Wishing all of my human and furry friends a Happy and healthy New Year!

I remember these snowy days the happy days of spring sitting upon the fence.

Spring Today 010.JPG

My cat

my little love

a four-footed

wonder is he


Sid brings me joy and happiness

each passing day

such a comfort he is to me

my furry little one


looking at me with eyes

full of wonder and love

sitting on my lap

staring out the window

perhaps a bird is in sight

wouldn’t that be a delight!


rough wet kisses

Thanks for the dinner mom

now let me be

I’m my own boss

Prince of the Castle

that is my Sid

Newest 001.JPG

The flowers in my garden

give off a wondrous perfume

an eye-catching colorful bouquet

What do I see in my flower bed?

my cat fat and lazy

I swear he thinks he’s a daisy!


and when morning fades to golden afternoon

the grass turns to magical emeralds

and the sun’s rays to gold.

in twilight’s purple glow

Sid’s eyes begin to shine


my garden’s a magical place to be

to dream the summer days away

and watch my Sid at play.


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