A Horse of Course

Different Pics 029

Yes, my mama has my permission to discuss horses in this post.


Of course I’m all for the usual pets like cats and dogs. My cat Sid would never forgive me if I didn’t mention him but somehow I have taken a real like to horses. Mind you I have ridden a horse only once but somehow I have learned to enjoy them a lot. When I lived in New York I loved going to Belmont Race Track in the summertime just to feel the excitement and to watch the very fast horses. Rarely I bet something it was the horses I went there for. When they had horse fairs I loved to get up close to a horse and pet its velvety nose. Those liquid brown eyes always send me. Yep, I simply love horses and if it was possible I would have a horse at home too.

Our Sid got to meet a horse once too. Some years ago we had a place nearby that gave riding lessons. Unfortunately it has long gone out of business. Occasionally you might see a rider come down our street. One time Sid was up in his favorite place on the garden fence when a horse appeared. I am so sorry I didn’t have a chance to catch the action on camera. The horse and Sid kind of exchanged greetings and suddenly this horse placed his nose against Sid’s nose. Sid was thrilled and began purring. He looked so sad as he watched the horse and rider going down the road.

I had my own encounter with a horse and cart. In the picture you can see me explaining to the horse that he should look at the camera so we could get a nice picture. Horses are so intelligent so you see that the horse understood perfectly and both of us are looking right at the camera.


One of the most touching videos I have ever seen and heard includes the song “Run for the Roses” by Dan Fogelberg and some of the fastest horses in the world.



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