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Just hanging out in my favorite place on the dresser. This makes mama a bit nuts because hey, at times I also like to look at myself and you can see the marks my paws leave on the mirror. Anyway thinking of lots of different things I thought I introduce you to a distant relative of mine. My papa’s daughter Mara adopted a dog and named him Marco. When he was a puppy he came to visit us. You can see that he too is quite a handsome animal and since he too is a boy I can relate to him. Besides he doesn’t live with us and now is quite a big boy.

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Mara and Marco


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One last cute pic


Finally you can see how he has grown

Marco in the snow.jpg

And Marco and Mara now

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Apple Blossom Time


It’s that time again

that crazy apple blossom time

when gardens become wonderlands

full of pink and white blooms

such a wondrous site

makes it seem like a fairytale come true

birds chirping in chorus

among the fragrant blooms

and my cat Sid

heading up for chorus or two

this crazy apple blossom time

so short but so beautiful and grand

and while the soft wind

blows the white petals about

like a fragrant snowfall in springtime

then the lilacs trumpet forth

with pink, white and purple blossoms

making me feel like Alice

in her wonderland


Bee Scare

Bee Pics 003.jpg

I’m so glad that the spring has arrived but with it come unknown dangers and new things to get to know. Not everything is good fun as I discovered last summer.

Bee Pics 005

I remember oh, so well

last summer’s bee scare

in the garden I wandered

wondering if I should climb

an apple tree

suddenly in my ears I heard

a buzz, buzz, buzz

this big honeybee

then landed right on my nose

it gave me quite a fright

then mama gave a shout

stand still

my eyes were quite crossed

seeing that bee between my eyes

to my great surprise

mama flicked that bee 

far away from me

and once again

happy I could be

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Emperor Penguin – Nature


There is a lot that we can learn from nature and it has examples of every kind. We have grown from being animals in nature to humans in society. There are certain things we have improvised during this journey of transition, but somethings we have lost in the course of time. Today we are confused about the feelings of love, care, morality, relationships and survival. We fight among our own kind and we end up frustrated in our relationships. Sometimes, when I see nature, I feel it has answers to all the questions we have. I am starting this new series of Nature, which has been inspired by my never ending passion to know about Nature and I will share various lessons I learnt from nature.

Emperor Penguin have always been my inspiration about survival, care and relationship. If you have seen some of the movies or videos of Penguin…

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My Cat’s Favorite Butt-Pillow: Cuteness Overload Alert

Picture after picture the smiles add up


Because I am receiving tremendous responses to my premier Hamster Patrol blog entry on our adorable orange tabby cats, I’ve decided to occasionally post about these crazy characters —  so, how about now!

Earlier today, we fashioned this huge multi-layered blanket-bed on the sofa just for the cats, and Clappy and Baters were ecstatic to tuck themselves in early for the night. We had to make this ad hoc cat crib large enough to accommodate both our beasts to prevent them from sparring over precious fluffy space.

Even with ample room for both felines, these loving cats always prefer to snuggle and cuddle up in the weirdest ways. So, not to my surprise, I’ve once again captured Clappy using big Baters as a kind of “butt-pillow.” This was not annoying to Baters — believe me: This plumpy little pet could probably fit about three cat heads comfortably on his reef-like posterior.


Then, being the typical cat…

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