Cat Pictures Cuteness Overload! Cat-Brothers From Another Mother

Pictures and a story to make you say awwww….


I wanted to do something different and happy on Hamster Patrol today.

So, I’ve been enjoying a lot of outstanding WordPress cat and pet photos lately, and it inspired me to share some of the cutest captured moments of our two cat-brothers from another mother! I’ll provide a little background on our spoiled, pampered cats, trying to spare you from ALL their hilarious exploits and personality traits.

The following cat photos were taken by myself or my wife with a selection of cameras and cell phones over nine years. We have many pictures in our catalog, so I tried to find the cutest cat pictures to use on this post. I’ll try to provide some context to each shot, as well.

DSCN0169 Baters, our former shelter kitty at four-months-old

To start, the above photo is a kitty-pic of Baters, an adorable, gentle orange tabby we adopted at the local Second Hand Purrs cat shelter in Milwaukee…

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