My Cat’s Favorite Butt-Pillow: Cuteness Overload Alert

Picture after picture the smiles add up


Because I am receiving tremendous responses to my premier Hamster Patrol blog entry on our adorable orange tabby cats, I’ve decided to occasionally post about these crazy characters —  so, how about now!

Earlier today, we fashioned this huge multi-layered blanket-bed on the sofa just for the cats, and Clappy and Baters were ecstatic to tuck themselves in early for the night. We had to make this ad hoc cat crib large enough to accommodate both our beasts to prevent them from sparring over precious fluffy space.

Even with ample room for both felines, these loving cats always prefer to snuggle and cuddle up in the weirdest ways. So, not to my surprise, I’ve once again captured Clappy using big Baters as a kind of “butt-pillow.” This was not annoying to Baters — believe me: This plumpy little pet could probably fit about three cat heads comfortably on his reef-like posterior.


Then, being the typical cat…

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