Apple Blossom Time


It’s that time again

that crazy apple blossom time

when gardens become wonderlands

full of pink and white blooms

such a wondrous site

makes it seem like a fairytale come true

birds chirping in chorus

among the fragrant blooms

and my cat Sid

heading up for chorus or two

this crazy apple blossom time

so short but so beautiful and grand

and while the soft wind

blows the white petals about

like a fragrant snowfall in springtime

then the lilacs trumpet forth

with pink, white and purple blossoms

making me feel like Alice

in her wonderland


3 thoughts on “Apple Blossom Time

  1. Smart cat. Cats find it so easy to climb up but my cat, Socks, wasn’t so brave about coming down. Like all of us – it’s easy to get into trouble but not so easy to get out.

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