Oliver & Nubia: Attack of the Butterfly

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Hi everyone,

It’s Oliver here with an urgent update from Katzenworld HQ! We have been invaded by INSECTS!!! The worst kind as well – fluttering flutterflies!!!!

Nubia: You mean butterflies… And this one has a name he is called Buzz.

Oliver: Possibly! Hold on how do you know his name?!?

Nubia: That’s my secret. Now calm down and keep catching I’ll show you how to do it. 😀


Nubia: Target locked!


Nubia: And go! 😀


Nubia: Keep still you little…. butterfly!!!


Nubia: Got ya!

Oliver: I guess it’s my turn…


Oliver: Here we go! 😀


Oliver: First time lucky! 🙂

Oliver: Oh no it escaped… o.o


Oliver: Back paw kick! Wait where is it going… it’s rushing back to the living room!!!!

Oliver: Pesky little insect…

Oliver: Well I am all exhausted now… but before I head of let me pass you over to my sister for more details about the flutterfly.

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