For the Love of Cha-Cha


Who’s Cha-Cha you’re probably wondering. Well I guess you could say she was my half-sister. Her death was the reason that my mama and papa adopted me. Finally my mama scanned some pictures into the PC of her and I would like to share them with you. She seems to have been such a character that I would have enjoyed meeting her.


As you can see she loved accessories, like pearls.


Loved getting belly rubs.


Now this is where my half-sis and I would have differed. She loved Christmas trees but I prefer the ceramic Christmas tree my mama and papa have that plays Christmas music.


Amazed at the Easter eggs. I love batting Easter eggs around. I think the two of us would have had great fun.


Finally my half-sis enjoyed fresh fish. I on the other hand love my dry and wet food. Anyway that was my half-sis and as I already mentioned I would have loved meeting her I think we would have got along just fine.


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