Tips & Tricks: Your Cat’s Body Language

Cats have much to say….

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Owners are all familiar with their pet’s behavior like seeing whisking tails, flattened ears and loud meowing. However in these ways pets are trying to express themselves and tell their owners a thing or two.

Ears – Cats can say a lot with their ears. Just by looking at you cat’s ears you can pretty much tell what kind of mood he or she is in. Ears forward mean the cat is relaxed and happy. Your cat is upset if you see the ears spread out side to side or flattened back. Now the time to look for the source of what is upsetting your cat is when his or her ears are really flattened back. That is one upset kitty.

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Cat ’s eyes can reflect their mood. You have your cat’s full attention when their eyes are wide open and they’re looking right at you…

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