Oliver & Nubia: Let me in!

Getting packages is exciting


Hello everyone,

It’s Nubia here it’s once again time for fun with my latest pink box from the lovely team at Purrfect box. 😀

Of course as usual my silly brother only comes and helps out AFTER I’ve done all the hard leg work…

If you fancy getting one for your kitties you can do so over here and if you enter ukbdbf31 at checkout you’ll even get £5 of your first order.


Nubia: I wonder what’s in it this month! 😀


Oliver: Dunno but you are pretty slow opening this…

Nubia: Slow?!? Maybe you could lend a paw for a change!!!! 😛

Oliver: Nah! You are doing a pretty good job usually!


Nubia: Hmmm…. The human doesn’t seem to have opened this properly for me…


Nubia: Maybe I can get in this way?!?

Oliver: It may help if you didn’t sit on top of it while you are…

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