Gull in the Sky


Just some thoughts on seagulls. They rarely if ever fly as far inland as our garden. However one was seen walking on the roof of the garage. He flew away  before we could get acquainted and I thought how wonderful to take wing with the birds.

Wintertime gull

I saw a gull in the sky

so happy and so free

his cries seemed full of glee

as he spread his wings to fly

I saw a gull upon the river

bobbing so merrily

he seemed so content

being just a gull and being free

never a care or worry

here today, gone tomorrow

to some distant shore

high up in the sky

looking for a better day

he can be most any place

or by the shining sea

we see them at market

hoping to get some fish

love to look at them

then the gulls

just rise up and fly away

oh, to be a gull

high up with the clouds

and so free


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