Song Birds

Summer Clouds 037

Really, I really do enjoy listening to those song birds in the spring and summer. Sometimes they do interrupt my sleep but hey, it’s alright.

A chirp, chirp, chirp

and a cheep, cheep, cheep

in my apple tree this morning

just as the day was dawning


my cat Sid

sat on the windowsill

enjoying the bird chorus

wanting to join in


such a lovely day

golden sun all around

nature starting to awaken

soon the spring will be here


with the spring come the rains

that wash the winter away

they stay for awhile

until the first flowers appear


then the skies are mostly blue

white clouds floating by

the days so warm and inviting

it is such a wonderful time of year


the song birds come each morning

with their lovely songs

making the beginning of the day

start with many smiles


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