Silly City Pigeons

Sid and Ferns 006.jpg

These lazy summer days as I sleep among the lush and green ferns in the garden I get to thinking about different things.  Among the ferns it is so nice and cool. My thoughts are preoccupied by city pigeons. I have told you about them before.




Mama has told me about the parks being full of pigeons and I have always wondered why they like to stay in the city center and don’t want to come on over to my side of the river. I mean here there is so much space, in the garden there are so many interesting things to do and all that great fresh air. At one time we did have two pigeons that came to live up in the attic. I could hear them cooing in the early mornings but they have gone away. Hope you enjoy the photos of me by the ferns and of those silly city pigeons who obviously don’t know any better.

Full Moon Pics 013.jpgSid and Ferns 012.jpg


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