Artemis -the luckiest cat in Greece.

Oh, to be like this cat


My name is Artemis, and my humans call me The Luckiest Cat in Greece.

the luckiest cat in Greece

It was my birthday recently. No-one knows exactly when I was born, but I’m officially two years old! And what a year I’ve had, since my last birthday. I’ve been to 13 different Greek Islands, and three other countries apart from Greece. As well as my yacht that I live on, I’ve been on two planes, a car ferry, and had lots of car rides. I’ve stayed in a cat hotel twice, and am now living in a lovely Hampshire barn in the UK for the winter.

I was most likely born in the little Greek town of Limni, on the island of Evia. I wonder how many brothers and sisters I had? I was found inside the engine of a Toyota 4×4 truck, so maybe I travelled in the truck from somewhere else! I’m very…

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