Way Up High


This is one of my favorite spots in the summer. On top of the world on the outer windowsill away from everyone. Of course the birds can still find me but I don’t mind because I can catch all the cooling breezes here.


4 thoughts on “Way Up High

    • Well Sid is a pro at climbing practically up to the top of our apple and even oak tree and then getting down by himself. Perhaps in a past life he was a construction worker. Just a thought.

      • O.O smart Sid. Oli got stuck on the tiny apple tree on his one adventure to the shared garden area… Too afraid to jump down so had to pick him up lol

  1. Too bad we aren’t neighbors. I know Sid would be more than glad to teach Oli a few tree climbing tricks. Can you just imagine two cats sitting in one tree? lol We would probably wind up building them a tree house to hang out in.

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