Crying Time Again

Now 005

This is another way to look at another senseless tragedy. Animals cannot speak our language but they understand so much more and they offer unconditional love. Today the world is shedding tears and it just seems justified that it’s raining outside.

In the City 020

Personally I feel so much safer sitting in my yellow bag doing my thing.


There I was quietly grooming myself this morning when my mama started crying. I don’t really understand but I do know that the hoomin world has gone insane again. If my mama hurts I hurt too. We both send our sincere prayers to all those in Nice, France. 

*A note from Sid’s mama. It was as if he understood for he came and jumped into my lap and we sat for some time just comforting each other.


 Where will it all end,

when will the insanity stop.

Wonderful if we could give,

each other unconditional love,

just like animals do.

So many lives lost again –

innocent children now angels in heaven.

If compassion has left this world –

then it best stop spinning,

for love and laughter are the two things –

that in this world we cannot do without.

Prayers to God above,

bring back to this world love.

Help mend the broken hearts

and let rainbows fill the skies again.


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