Guest Star: The story of Hessel & Hannes

It’s always great to have a close friendship

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 Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Bert Jonkhans:

Adorable photos of cat and dog capture their super close friendship

The story of Hessel & Hannes


Hessel (the dog) & Hannes (the cat) are friends since the day they met.

Hessel is 9 years old, and Hannes 8.

We got Hannes as a kitten when Hessel was 1 years old.


The family where Hannes was born, also had a dog.
So Hannes was already used to dogs when he came to live with us.

Hessel wasn’t fond of cats; like a characteristic dog, he thought cats were for chasing.

Then Hannes came into his life; a curious little kitten, who followed him everywhere in the house, slept on his bed and ate from his foodbowl.


From day one Hessel accepted Hannes completely, being the silly, sweet dog he is.

As a real labrador he can be boorish, so he didn’t understand…

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