Come My Sid

Assorted Pics 001

Come, come to me.

on your soft pussy feet.

Come, come and give your mama.

a good morning kiss.

I know this is not –

bliss for you, this kiss,

but you tolerate it just the same.

Come, come and let’s begin this wondrous day.

Let me give you some breakfast

and then you can go out and play.


The day is so sunny and warm.

let’s have some playtime,

just you and me.

The flowers are just opening up

and upon the fresh dew buzzing are the bees.

Bee Pics 005

Then if you don’t want to play,

in the garden all sorts of delights await you.

You can sit on the window sill

and sing with the birds in our apple tree.

Come, come and be –

my furry faced darling.

with your flashing green eyes

and let this day begin with one hearty meow.

Sid 008


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