Laughing is the Only Way


This is a mutual effort between me and my mama. It has been raining quite a bit here and the grasses stay wet in the garden for some time. Also whenever it rains I find a spot indoors to rest up and then I am eager to go again. I guess this time I was a bit naughtier than other times. Well mama tell her story while I provide some pictures of wonderful me. Hope you all enjoy.


The day began by Sid giving me a great fright,

I was making the bed

Putting on the spread

When a ball of grey fur

Came flying onto the bed

Sid wanted some hugging

And he wanted it real quick

Bed made went to look for breakfast

Taking an egg out of the fridge

I stepped back right against a rock-hard wall

Wall? In the kitchen you say

No, no but Sid is all hard muscle

And knocking against him feels that way

The egg fell onto the floor

And Sid wouldn’t touch it

Give it to me on a plate or in a bowl

Not on the floor mom, not for me

Once I’d cleaned it all up

Got to scrambling eggs and made some toast

As I was putting scrambled egg onto toast with a spatula

That was when Sid decided he wanted some

So he took his paw and smacked the spatula

And got scrambled egg onto his chair

Once I finished chuckling

It was either that or scrambling Sid



As the day was sunny

Decided to gather up laundry

Got the machine churning

And finally thought

I’d get some comp time in

Opened up the front door to air out the house

Yes, don’t be surprised

As long as your front gate is locked

You can leave the front door propped open

By now the laundry was done

And I hung it on the line

We still live in the old-fashioned world

Sat down and lost myself to the cyber world

Came to reality with the sound of rain

My sunny day had gone gray

My laundry was having a real good rinse

Chuckling to myself


Well you wouldn’t cry would you?

I started to do some housework

Finished washing the kitchen floor

And went to toss out the dirty water

Came back in and there were muddy cat paws on the kitchen floor

No cat just muddy paws

With a chuckle and a sigh

Cleaned it all up right quick

Followed the trail of muddy paws

Up the stairs and on to the bed spread

He sat very pleased with himself indeed

Sid got what he hates

Mom washed his paws

And put the spread into the machine

While all that was going on

I got back to the comp

Just for nerves sake

Long it didn’t take

Sid started running around like mad

Hates it when the wind begins to blow

Downstairs the machine had spewed soapy water

Having chocked on the bedspread

Some more ha, ha’s from me

Got it all cleaned up

Hung the bedspread in the rain

Oh, yeah you see how this is all going

Went in to find a happy cat dripping rivulets of muddy water

On to the kitchen floor I’d just cleaned the second time

Now I had a floor and a cat to wash

This day was going along just fine

When I thought it all was finally done

I ran for some comfort to the comp

More Pics 002

Only then realizing hey, Martin will be home and hungry

I was running on sheer energy and just on breakfast alone

By now it was late afternoon

So down I went to throw something together

Sid was delighted because anything to do with food

Is alright with him

Dinner was to be his favorite fresh chicken fillet

Cut up the chicken and prepared the pan for sautéing

Sid couldn’t wait for the pieces mom had saved him

Being so very big and long when fully stretched out

He’d grabbed an extra large piece from the cutting board

And was in the process of stuffing it into his face

Once dinner was under way

I figured I’d have some comp time

Ran on up and it was at this time

That Sid chose to go jogging

It was still raining so you know what that meant

However mom was lost in cyber world

And it was that muddy paw brushing against my leg

That brought me back to this world

More muddy paws, more washing to do

Laughingly I told Sid he’d better keep clean

Or his name would be mud as well

I didn’t start to completely laugh until Martin came home

Cause the first thing he said was how was your day?


Guarding last year’s onion harvest




3 thoughts on “Laughing is the Only Way

  1. Oh what a day!! so loved this .. And yes sometimes the only thing we can do is laugh.. and carry on 🙂 This brought back lots of Good memories of paw-marks and rainy days 🙂 thank you Rasma.. ❤ Sue

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