A Mishap with a Crow and a Mouse

buds spring 006

It’s me Sid again. This time I just had to share. Perhaps in a way it was meant for me to learn a lesson but boy, do I hate crows. Anyway it was a day like any other and since it was warm and sunny I decided to do my meditation and thinking outside. Found a nice spot and settled down. No sooner had I got comfortable when this awful noise began and a crow started circling about. Man my ears started ringing and that feathery creature kept screeching. Then as I was about to find another place that crow landed upon some dirt my papa had dug up and began scratching. After a bit I saw it start to pull at something. Now I didn’t know what that was but it was long and stretchy. The darn crow was having troubles and so I thought I’d go over and check things out. As soon as I began digging in the dirt as well that crow really started going at it and even flapped its wings about.

Garden Birdies 001

Mama came out and called to me. She told me to leave the crow’s worm alone and come inside. Well first of all I wasn’t about to go inside and second had to find out what the heck a worm was. So as I gave one more scratch at the dirt out popped this long, brown thing. I poked a bit at it and that crow came screeching at me flapping like crazy. Mama ran outside again but then I stepped back and that bird grabbed that worm thing and flew off. Well I figured that was that so I went to settle down again. There was a moment of peace and then as I was anxiously looking about just in case that crow decided to return a movement caught my eye. Man oh man there in the dirt was a mouse. Quietly and quickly I rose up and crept on over.

Just Recently Taken 009

That mouse was too busy darting about so I popped out my claws and pounced. Just as I had it in my paws came that crow again. It flew about screeching and flapping and swooping. Now just a darn second this was my mouse, my treat it had gotten its worm or whatever. However that bird never retreated and the mouse managed to wiggle away from me. Before I knew what else was going to happen that crow swooped down once more and grabbed my mouse and off it went up high. Now I don’t understand what was so funny at that moment but mama and papa were in the kitchen and they were chuckling that that’s what I get for fooling around with a crow’s worm.

Alright 049

Well they sympathized and I got a special treat. Mama help me and I got a big hug from papa and then since this had all worn me out I went to have a nap. Then early in the morning hours out in the garden I got another mouse. No crow anywhere. So I grabbed that squiggly thing in my mouth and jumped in through the window and off to show mama and papa. Well it wasn’t what I expected. Papa grumbled about it being too early and mama felt sorry for the mouse. She tried to grab it as I put it down and she almost had it but the furry creature jumped under the bed. So I went right after it and caught it and ran back outside. Last time I go sharing my mouse. Well that’s my story. More news as it comes in. A cat’s life isn’t all fun and games you know. Meow Sid.


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