Cat Friendly House and Garden Plants

Sid and I both say – be sure that your plants are cat friendly


Houseplants have always been a way of brightening up a room especially in the autumn and winter. However people who live with cats must be careful of the houseplants they choose. Houseplants must be cat friendly. There are quite a few houseplants that you can choose which are safe for your cat to nibble on. There are many types of cat-safe ferns that you can choose from to decorate your rooms. These types of ferns include the Boston fern, the Japanese holly or fishtail fern and the sword fern. Some people like larger growing plants such as indoor palms and in this case you can consider the parlor or lady palms. If you like to add color to your indoor decor then your cat will be safe with an African violet or a Christmas cactus. Hanging plants are also a great idea and those that are cat-safe include spider plants…

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