The Last Summer Days

buds spring 006

The last summer days are coming to an end and our cat Sid is putting his heart and soul into what is left of the summer. We cannot get him to stay inside even for a moment only to have some food and water. He has moved out into the garden and is enjoying chasing grasshoppers and climbing our apple trees.

That would be no problem however we’ve already had our share of rainy days. On rainy days Sid disappears so as not to get carried inside. One morning after a night of heavy rain he came into the kitchen. He looked like a sailor whose ship had run aground and he had to walk through a lot of mud before reaching the shore.

He did get a sort of washing but the one thing we have realized is that once fall arrives and it’s time to move indoors we will have to give him a complete washing. I know that is his least favorite thing but it will have to be done. Here is a poem I wrote just for Sid on one of those most difficult days.

Mamma Said

It was a morning so very ordinary

Except for my Sid

Who was impatiently waiting for breakfast

A total bundle of energy


Off he went tail like a flag mast

Held up so very high

Head swinging from side to side

Looking for adventures to find


The very last words

That I said as he disappeared

Be a good boy Sid

Remember mama said


Came a plaintive meow

Up high in our apple tree

Sat Sid

The crow had long flown away


Papa came to the rescue

A ladder was propped up

As far as he could climb

And he got Sid down


I rolled my eyes

And looked at him

Remember what mama said

And try to be a good boy


The old-fashioned cesspool

Had to be pumped

Such a smell, such a curiosity

For a cat with an inquiring mind


Papa went off to find a pail

Meanwhile there was a hole to be explored

Came Sid’s great big meow

Hanging over the edge by a wooden board


Papa bent down

And scooped him up

All fur standing on end

Big eyes and beating heart


I felt like an old record

So I reminded our dear cat

To remember what mama said

And try to be a good boy


Down our street

Came a steam roller

So much noise

Such jolly fun for Sid


However when he saw

The size of the roller

Away ran Sid

And finally settled down on the window sillIMGP1287


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