CatTails – The story of my 4 friends


I am a card caring Crazy Cat Lady. I have four lovelies. Although, not all by choice. Hipster Ken, my boyfriend, came with two. I am currently learning Jewel on the CatTar to help my second oldest friend laugh away her c-section.

Dandy Lion is my best friend. And she is a cat. I really hate the term ‘best friend’ because it feels like you can only have one. Like a catty pecking order. I would rather have a million ‘best friends’; but that makes ‘best’ too general.

I purrrfer to rank my friends by how long I have known them. My oldest friend named Dandy Lion. My second oldest can’t be around her without having a severe allergies attack.  I met them both the first year of my life.

My second oldest friend and I are very different. Our personalities are like two completely different Lego pieces. They don’t look a…

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