Guest Star: The Life of Kosmo


Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Rasma and her companion Sid

The Life of Kosmo

On June 2014 we were mourning, our hearts were broken. Our dear cat
Viiru had heard his sister´s call from the Rainbow Bridge and left us.
We were crying every day and we decided never ever to take a pet,
because we cannot stand the moment they must go.


After three weeks a young black and white cat walked to our yard. I was
sitting on the steps and the cat came straight to my lap. I was really
surprised, my first thought was that Viiru has come back, only the
colours were different.

Ensimmäinen päivä I asked the cat wait for a second, and I brouht him a bowl full of cat
food. He was really hungry.

Now Kosmo tells his story:
I had lost my home, I was in a strange village, I walked and walked

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