Through the Seasons


First of all thank you for liking me, I’m a good fella really I am. I do believe my kitty heart’s in the right place. You know actually I’m a philosophizer and a dreamer. Let me take you through the seasons.


See in the fall I wonder about how long it will take for the leaves to fall off the trees completely and how long I still have time to climb them and hide way up there. About how much longer it will be before all the birds will fly away and leave me with the dumb pigeons and cawing crows and if the same birds will return next year. I mean you can tell one cat from another but how can you tell those feathery flying things apart. Anyway then I’ve also gotta have my outdoor time before it gets really cold and I freeze my ears and paws off. Love hiding under the wheelbarrow to see if I can pounce on any field mice running through the garden.


Then comes winter and I wonder how long it will be before I can’t dig up the ground outside anymore and when the snow will come. There is nothing worse than jumping out the kitchen window and landing into a huge snowdrift. Hate that but if I’m prepared I can just run out the door and along some of the paths in the garden my papa usually shovels out.


Then of course there’s spring. When I like to sit on the windowsill and listen to all those birds out there singing. Can’t understand a word but the music isn’t bad. Now I’ve been taught the occasional mouse is alright just don’t touch the birds. Got me waiting for the trees to become completely green before I can hide up high in the branches. Love doing that and surprising some of the birds. That’s lots of fun.


Now summer’s got my mama constantly running around searching for me because I’m outside period. Love it because there’s so much to do and see and so many places to hide. So what else can I tell you? Life’s good.. Anyway just thought I’d drop a line. See a real nice spot to catch some shut eye in. Meow, Sid



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