The weather has turned against hoomans and beasties. At night the temperatures dip so low I must stay inside a warm room instead of sitting on the fence and dreaming. In the morning we wake to frosts and I must bravely venture forth. I take a quick run about the garden checking out the situation and right back into the house.


I saw my friend the crow pecking around on the still green grass. Mama usually puts something out for him so I told him not to worry. Soon he won’t be able to penetrate that ground. Well at least I’m going to be alright. Ah, nothing like it – days of  looking out the window, feeling warm. food in my belly and plenty of sleep.


When I’m not sleeping I pick my positions to be able to see what’s going on. When I am lying on the desk like in the photo above I can see what my mama is doing on the PC. When I am lying on the chest of drawers on the other side of the room I can keep an eye on mama just in case she should decide to get me an afternoon snack.


The rest of the time I love sleeping on this shelf. Behind me is the window in case I decide to  take a look outside, next to it is the radiator keeping the room at a comfortable temperature and I can just curl up and dream.


If autumn and winter is coming on where you are I hope your all keeping warm. Until next we meet – meow. Morning grooming time for me.


2 thoughts on “Self-Preservation

  1. Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself, from the blog “Gilmours Nice Place”, love your “diary”. Mr Midnight and Sir Winston can especially relate to it because somehow, your cats ramblings sound all to familiar to my two furry friends ears.
    Meow from Mr Midnight, purr purr from Sir Winston and the kindest regards from myself. 🙂

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