Sunny Days


We’re lucky that the autumn rains haven’t begun to fall yet. Otherwise the days would all be the same – gray and dark with the patter of raindrops. So at least during the day before the cold nighttime comes I still enjoy my time in the garden.

Occasionally I enjoy climbing the cherry tree that papa chopped down because I can do my exercises in tree climbing on it.


Then I take a break and sit on the fence as usual. This time I got intrigued by a little bird that sat down on the edge of the garage. It didn’t care that I was not too far away and I was just interested in looking at it.


Mama got such a great shot. Then it just flew right past me and away. So I settled down on the fence for awhile. Then I heard my mama call me for some scraps. She came out to get me. So I’ll be taking a break from fence sitting for now. If that little bird gets lucky my mama might even put something out for him. So until next time this was Sid reporting from the garden fence.



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