Everywhere Snow


A morning like any other,

had my breakfast

and wanted to wander on out.

In my mind there was no doubt,

some crows for company,

would be about.

Then mama opened the door

and my, oh, my what did I see?

Snow, snow,

everywhere snow.

So I quickly dashed,

my paws so cold,

did what came naturally

and jumped upon the door stoop.

Papa had cleaned off the snow,

so I impatiently waited there,

while mama let me back inside.


As you can see from mama’s photo there is lots of snow in the garden.

I asked her to include some amusing cat quotes about snow. These are my sentiments exactly.


Only good thing is that papa always shovels one long path through the snow through the garden so I don’t have to plow through the snow but some of it does get on my belly because I have such long fur.


Hope you all have a great weekend and keep warm.


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