Bring On the Bird


I know all about pigeons and crows and song birds in season. I know what a chicken looks like when mom has roasted it and man, that bird is tasty. What I would like to know is what a turkey is like but here in Latvia there is no Thanksgiving Day. So this blog is from mama and me for all to enjoy and to say to those who celebrate Happy Thanksgiving! I suggested the memes from Google for your enjoyment and mama added her poem.


Thanksgiving Day

 Can there be

Except for when we get the

Christmas tree

A time more pleasant

Than is Thanksgiving Day.


A day for friends and family

Giving thanks for what we have

Good food and drink

 and a time to think

Of how good the Lord

Has been to us.


So gather together,

one and all,

the two-legged

and four-legged,

as well.

Share that turkey,

there’ll be plenty for all

and some furry, happy and full tummies to rub.


So let’s give our love

to everyone,

in our family tree

and have a truly

Happy Thanksgiving Day indeed!




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