Candle Glow

Christmas This Year 042.jpg

Mama and I explored the subject of cats and candles. While there are people who enjoy sitting by candlelight it is of importance to be aware where the cat or cats are. I know that at holiday time when candles are burning my mama and papa make sure I am not anywhere near the flames. Last Christmas I was delighted to have them place the small ceramic Christmas tree so that I could enjoy the colored lights. I had no interest in the flickering flames made by the candles.


Now from what I understand my so called half-sister or the girl cat my parents had before me Cha-Cha wasn’t always so obedient. You can see her sitting on the holiday table with the punch bowl on one side and the candle on the other. However the candle wasn’t lit until she got off the table and settled down.

Another thing to be aware of is that while candles are burning there is plenty of ventilation in the room since cats can be sensitive to chemicals, scents and soot that gets emitted by burning candles, especially scented candles. Candles should not be burned at all if you have a cat that has a respiratory condition such as asthma.

So play it safe and be sure your cats can enjoy the holidays with no worries. If you have more than one playful cat you might consider electric candles or place glass cylinders over burning flames. Remember never to leave a burning candle in the room unattended. I am proud to say my mama and papa have never had to worry about me but then I am only one cat and I don’t have anyone to play with or to annoy me so that a dangerous situation can come about.


Grumpy’s face says it all about the holidays.


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