A Shiny New Year


Oh, darn now I have to get used to a whole New Year. The last one wasn’t so bad and since I don’t see anything much changing in my life as I will continue with what I do naturally eat, sleep and enjoy the garden then the year could have just continued on but it never does.

It happens every year

and I know New Year is here.

Mama gets that funny look,

wiping a tear.

Papa has a sappy smile

and pops a champagne cork.

Soon they clink their glasses

and outside there is a lot of noise.

Then mama and papa go on out,

to see the sky full of colorful stars.

They pop and they fizz

and I stay inside.

When all that is over,

they fill up their glasses,

exchange kisses

and wish each other and me –

a Happy New Year! 

Here are some amusing memes of cats who really know how to celebrate the New Year. Meow, best wishes and see you in 2017.



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