Rat Wars


Meow, Sid here. Just a couple of photos of me and a discussion about rats. I have heard of hoomins talking about something like star wars but I never saw no war up in the sky. Our house was under attack last winter by a country rat that had gotten in for the winter. Papa was always complaining until they got that rat.


Now it appears that another has come inside. What I hate is that mama constantly worries about leaving food out so instead of having some tidbits left in my bowl for when I want a bite my bowl is left clean and put aside. That is one of the things I hate about the rats most they intrude upon my territory and then they threaten my food supply.

I would smack that rat if it should ever decide to come right up to me. I shudder when I see photos like this and that rat with that noodle really has to go. So I am hoping that Papa will once again have the situation in hand and that rat will soon be long gone.



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