My Apple Tree


You grow in grace and beauty.

with blossoms of pink and white.

So colorful and full of cheer,

right outside my window.

Birds sing songs of joy,

early in the morn,

hopping about your branches,

while my cat Sid,

on the window sill –

tail swishing to the beat.

Apple tree so lovely,

be it in the sunlight

or by the light of the moon.

Sadness overtakes me,

to think that soon,

your blossoms,

will be blown away by the wind,

creating swirls of white in the air,

but in their place –

apples will begin to grow.

Then I know,

my Sid cannot hide among the blossoms anymore,

but he can better see.

the dances the birds,

upon the branches do.


Sid quote: When sitting outside beneath a tree make sure there are no crows getting ready to bomb you.



Napping with Cats Infographic

And how does your cat sleep?

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Hi everyone,

Today we have a fun infographic for you all on napping with your feline companion.

As we all probably know just to well we love to sleep with our cats near us but… some cats have the tendency to jump from cupboards on top of unsuspecting humans or worse haha!

So this cute infographic should give some tips and ideas.

Napping with Cats infographic by Mattress Online.

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Caring for Cats on Medication

So important to know if your cat needs medication

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Most cat owners will have to face looking after a sick cat at some stage during their cat’s life. This may be a one off illness or they may end up on regular medication. If they have had an operation it could even mean follow up trips to the vet.

But what happens if you need to go away or have a holiday booked? Many owners can be reluctant to leave a sick cat, but sometimes they have no choice. Cancelling a holiday at the last minute can incur charges. Or sometimes things just crop like an important family event or a last minute business trip that can’t be changed.
Increasingly, people are turning to professional pet sitters to come and stay in their home, to take care of their pets and keep the home safe and secure when they go away.

If your cat is on medication or needs…

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11 Cat Breeds That Love Water – Who Knew

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Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Mike James:

11 Cat Breeds That Love Water – Who Knew

How does your cat feel about water? Does he like to get wet? Play in puddles? Take a bath? And the ultimate: Does your purry companion enjoy a swim in the pool now and again? By now, you’re probably sniggering into your morning cuppa at the very idea because we all know that cats hate water. Or do they?

Think about it – it’s normal for many Big Cats in the wild to treat lakes and rivers as part of their natural habitat. Tigers and jaguars, for instance, are excellent swimmers and often live near water. There’s even a ‘fishing cat’, a medium sized wild cat from West Bengal, that can often be seen hunting along the edges of watercourses, happy to dive in to catch prey and swim long distances.

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Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 142)

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! Oh, and if you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet, why not sign up by clicking here to never miss a TRT again.

We have setup a Katzenworld Forum and would like to encourage everyone to make their entries for Tummy Rub Tuesday on our dedicated Tummy Rub Tuesday post. Simply leave a comment on the post and attach the image you’d like to use. If you’ve got more than one image to use, make multiple comments!

Alternatively you can still send them in via info@katzenworld.co.uk. Or just leave a comment with the link to the post / photo you’d like us to use.

And in case you missed last week’s post click here to see the full list!

Our good friend Little Binky is back for another fabulous TRT shot. 🙂 More on their blog here.


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Go Away Snow


This Easter it snowed and I was so disappointed. No spring holiday for me. So I am putting in one of my best portraits and mama and I have come up with a poem to describe how I am feeling. It certainly isn’t sitting on the fence time yet.

It’s snowing

The world is turning white again

But my heart is yearning

For spring again.


It’s snowing

But I know

That the birds of spring

Are returning

And I feel so sad

That they won’t find

Spring here.

Because the snow

Has blanketed the ground

Once more

And closed the spring door.


It’s snowing

And I’m dreaming

Of crocuses

And blossoming apple trees.

The world has turned

Into a white wonderland

But for me –

I wish that the grass was green

And the sun did gleam.



It is also not enjoying ice cream time either. So I leave you with a Sid quote –

When the winter dumps more snow on you go out and do a spring dance until the sun melts the snow away.

Lilac Time 001.JPG