Check Out These Cats

Big cats are beautiful too


Hi everyone.  Today’s guest post comes from Paul who writes about his three favorite things – travel, food, and, of course, cats – in his blog  This post is an excerpt from a series of posts about big cats and other animals in Botswana, Africa.

This post is video and photo highlights looking at male lions, female lions, leopards, and a caracal.  I had the amazing opportunity to spend some time in Botswana tracking big cats for a period of time.  As someone who has had “domestic” cats my whole life I noticed how many behaviors our domestic beauties have in common with the big cats.

Male Lions

Let’s start with a male lion “greeting ceremony” – perhaps you have seen your cats do the same.

The “greeting ceremony” is customary of male lions that work together as a team.  This is a greeting when they are relaxed…

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