My Garden


The rains have come

and washed the snow away

I march on out

into my garden to see

once spring comes along blooming

the apple trees burst forth in white blossoms

along with the pear

and in mid-spring white blossoms

magically fill the air


the smell of spring

is wafting all around

and white clouds

in the sky appear

with the snow gone

it does give me hope

as the sun’s rays

are now warm upon my face


my cat has found a patch

of sunlight on the window sill

with greenery all around

is happily listening

to bird choruses in the apple tree


Sid quote: Get closer to the beauty of nature, climb a tree. 


2 thoughts on “My Garden

    • My Sid sends his sincerest meows and I thank you. When I couldn’t decide what to do with this blog I so to say turned it over to my cat. It is a most interesting journey. Glad you enjoyed.

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