Go Away Snow


This Easter it snowed and I was so disappointed. No spring holiday for me. So I am putting in one of my best portraits and mama and I have come up with a poem to describe how I am feeling. It certainly isn’t sitting on the fence time yet.

It’s snowing

The world is turning white again

But my heart is yearning

For spring again.


It’s snowing

But I know

That the birds of spring

Are returning

And I feel so sad

That they won’t find

Spring here.

Because the snow

Has blanketed the ground

Once more

And closed the spring door.


It’s snowing

And I’m dreaming

Of crocuses

And blossoming apple trees.

The world has turned

Into a white wonderland

But for me –

I wish that the grass was green

And the sun did gleam.



It is also not enjoying ice cream time either. So I leave you with a Sid quote –

When the winter dumps more snow on you go out and do a spring dance until the sun melts the snow away.

Lilac Time 001.JPG


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