When In Doubt


Sid quote: If you are in doubt of where or which way to go


it is best to get off of the fence and reconsider your choices.



10 thoughts on “When In Doubt

    • Good question. There is a spot that WP advises me that readers can see an ad there. I don’t see the ad. However that is entirely something WP does and nothing that I have done. I wish I could get some monetary gain from by blogs but so far that has not happened.

  1. I like your Sid! He is a good looking feline and very smart with his advice!
    I found you from your link on my guest post on mostlyblogging.

    Thank you for sharing! I tried to hit the like button with my paw, but it took me to a site where my mama can’t remember her password! Silly hoomans. So this is my “like” and will try again when Musicmama finds her password.

    And, be-paws of your fur baby Sid, I will resist the temptation to chase cats!
    Love and Bree-loha! Bree
    The Rescue Dog Blogger

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