Enjoy Nature

Sid Again 001

Sid quote: The best thing to do in the springtime is to get up and head outside to enjoy nature.


It’s Spring!

Bee Pics 004

Let the bells ring

it’s spring!

the sun that shines

and the birds

that in the trees sing



it’s spring

my cat Sid

on the window sill

tail swishing

eyes rolling

looking at the birds

all around take wing


the nighttime came

with the first rumbles of thunder

rain splashing to the ground

the buds on the apple trees exploding

into a riot of white and pink


it makes one think

that this riot of colors

could make one dizzy

all kinds of scents filling the air

while overhead white clouds pass by


it’s spring

glorious season

giving another reason

for saying life’s great

it’s spring!


Sid quote: Springtime is a great time to do some daydreaming.