Hello Florida

Blanket Sid 002

It seemed to be an ordinary day back at our house in Riga, Latvia. Mama was up awful early but that was nothing to worry about. I went out into the garden to see what was up. When I returned to the house the next thing I knew I was grabbed and placed into a pet carrier.

Now I had only been in one many years ago when I was adopted and brought to this house. Afterward, I felt I was being carried and peeked out of the sides to see many people about. After a very long journey, I was let out and mamma and I were in a completely different world. She said she had brought me to Florida.

I have no idea about this but I do know we are in a place called Daytona Beach. I cannot go outside but my mama is with me, I found a window I like to sit by and look out and I have good food to fill my belly., Guess it will take some getting used to.

At present, I still have to use my old photos but new ones will be coming.

Photo Session 005

Sid quote If you are faced with a completely new situation or a big move and things seem to be alright then embrace your new surroundings and make them work for you.


6 thoughts on “Hello Florida

    • Sid sends his sincerest meows for the comment Susan. We are comfortable and presently Sid is in his new favorite place under a table in the front room enjoying the comfort of the A/C.

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