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Ode to Sid


Your love came to me,

in a small furry package –

that purred contentedly.

Your fur as soft ,

as the softest cotton –

as gleaming as the sparkling sun.

Your eyes so full of love and wonder,

I know you love me as I love you,

your unconditional love,

makes me know,

that as long as I’m good to you

and loving and kind,

no matter what silly things I do,

you will love me always.

Your head as it bats my arm

and your tongue laps,

on my hand tell me so,

you come to me on soft,

pussy paws so quietly,

meow I believe means –

the same as I love you.

You are mine

and I am yours,

you captured my heart,

I love you my cat,

my darling Sid.

Pics of Sid, us and Nature 033

Sid quote: When you are lucky enough to have pure love treasure it always.