Favorite Blanket

Sid Window 002

The day had been sunny,

the garden a delight.

Birds had sung in the apple trees

and I climbed up for a chorus or two.

Now the sun has gone down,

as the stars light up the sky,

I look for my favourite blanket –

to dream through the night.

Blanket Sid 002

Sid quote: The best way to get a good night’s sleep is to cover yourself up with your favourite blanket.


Nothing Wrong With Ducks


Today mom wanted me to share the spotlight with some ducks. She went to the Arkadija Park here in Riga, Latvia and took some photos of some delightful ducks. Hope you enjoy the photos.



Sid Toys 012

Sid quote: If you must there is never anything wrong with sharing the spotlight. 


They’re Baaak

Pigeons and such 013

They are back and the garden is once again full of little birdies. The songbirds keep to the trees and the whole joint is jumping. Mama had already told me to leave them alone and I do but boy, when they all start a chirping and singing. Here are some photos mama had me post.

Garden Birdies 004

Garden Birdies 005

More Pics 002

Sid quote: If you like your garden guests let them enjoy themselves.



Winning Cat Toys

Sid Toys 001

That I would share photos of the great toys I won through the https://katzenworld.co.uk site. They featured the 4Cats Company who had a giveaway to win some Valerian scented cat toys. Well, I won and when mom came home with the package here are the photos she took. I really do enjoy these toys and the scent is just purrrrfect.

Sid Toys 004

Sid Toys 012

Sid quote: When you receive something that makes you happy, share the joy with others.


The Crows and I

Just Taken 004

We have gray and rainy days now. I roam outside and climb upon the garage roof to see my crow friends. We have four large crows that come to visit us in the garden. Mom has taken the time to take photos. Not too clear but they will do. Me on the garage roof.

Just Loaded 011

One large crow that flew over.

Just Taken 001

Sid quote: When the days get dark and dreary it is best to just be dreaming in a warm and cozy room and spring will come again real soon.