Bird Party


There is a lesson to be learned when Mama puts out food for the birds that fly into our garden.


I sit upon the fence or windowsill and watch them gather together and feed. Mama got some photos of the birds before they flew away. Here is what I learned.

Bird Food 005

Bird Food 004

Sid quote: If birds come to feed in your garden don’t make too much movement and don’t make too much noise. Otherwise the birds will fly up and make a whole lot of noise.


Outside My Window

more 002

Outside my window

I have a nature film

the apple tree is in blossom

pink flowering branches

waving in the breeze.

Oh, what joy it brings to me!


outside my window

I have an orchestra,

birds big and small

singing in the apple tree

feeling so free.

Oh, what joy it brings to me!


outside my window

I see the beginnings of spring.

birds on the wing

looking for places to nest

flying by with twigs and grass

Oh, what joy it brings to me!


outside my window

my cat Sid on the sill

looking at all the wonder

my cat only has to ponder

how to get the bird that’s in the tree

what a lark, what a spree

seeing the bird and the cat

living side by side

Oh, what joy it brings to me!


Spring 2017 018

Sid quote: When settling down for an afternoon nap always pick the most comfortable chair and choose the most comfortable position for your nap.

Spring 2017 032


My Apple Tree


You grow in grace and beauty.

with blossoms of pink and white.

So colorful and full of cheer,

right outside my window.

Birds sing songs of joy,

early in the morn,

hopping about your branches,

while my cat Sid,

on the window sill –

tail swishing to the beat.

Apple tree so lovely,

be it in the sunlight

or by the light of the moon.

Sadness overtakes me,

to think that soon,

your blossoms,

will be blown away by the wind,

creating swirls of white in the air,

but in their place –

apples will begin to grow.

Then I know,

my Sid cannot hide among the blossoms anymore,

but he can better see.

the dances the birds,

upon the branches do.


Sid quote: When sitting outside beneath a tree make sure there are no crows getting ready to bomb you.



Bring On the Bird


I know all about pigeons and crows and song birds in season. I know what a chicken looks like when mom has roasted it and man, that bird is tasty. What I would like to know is what a turkey is like but here in Latvia there is no Thanksgiving Day. So this blog is from mama and me for all to enjoy and to say to those who celebrate Happy Thanksgiving! I suggested the memes from Google for your enjoyment and mama added her poem.


Thanksgiving Day

 Can there be

Except for when we get the

Christmas tree

A time more pleasant

Than is Thanksgiving Day.


A day for friends and family

Giving thanks for what we have

Good food and drink

 and a time to think

Of how good the Lord

Has been to us.


So gather together,

one and all,

the two-legged

and four-legged,

as well.

Share that turkey,

there’ll be plenty for all

and some furry, happy and full tummies to rub.


So let’s give our love

to everyone,

in our family tree

and have a truly

Happy Thanksgiving Day indeed!




Sunny Days


We’re lucky that the autumn rains haven’t begun to fall yet. Otherwise the days would all be the same – gray and dark with the patter of raindrops. So at least during the day before the cold nighttime comes I still enjoy my time in the garden.

Occasionally I enjoy climbing the cherry tree that papa chopped down because I can do my exercises in tree climbing on it.


Then I take a break and sit on the fence as usual. This time I got intrigued by a little bird that sat down on the edge of the garage. It didn’t care that I was not too far away and I was just interested in looking at it.


Mama got such a great shot. Then it just flew right past me and away. So I settled down on the fence for awhile. Then I heard my mama call me for some scraps. She came out to get me. So I’ll be taking a break from fence sitting for now. If that little bird gets lucky my mama might even put something out for him. So until next time this was Sid reporting from the garden fence.