Autumn Is Coming

Just Recently Taken 070

Alright folks I can feel it. That wind is getting colder and autumn is moving in closer.

Summer Stuff 037.jpg

I can still sleep outside and I can sit in the sun and think about outdoor fun.

Summer Outside 004.jpg

But soon I’ll be glad to spend the nights sleeping in my favorite box. And the days of open windows and windowsills will also be a thing of the past. With the wet, dreary days of autumn I just knew the good times could not last.

Sid Window pics 004.jpg

So I’ll be glad once again to spend the autumn days snug and cozy tugged in by my mama and waiting for the sun to appear so I can make some more rounds about the garden and visit my doggy friends.


Hope all you humans have a great weekend.



New Dog on the Street

Full Moon Pics 012

Hello, as soon as I heard from my closest neighbor dogs Arno and Toro that there was a new dog on the block I just had to venture out on the street and check him out. So here is a photo my mom took. I think the dog looks rather funny and for now I haven’t found out his name but I will return for another look.

Flowers 011


No Peace


It all began when I decided to lay down and catch a few winks. First of all Papa kept  yanking on the darn electric cord while mowing the grass.


Then up above on a wire some birds decided to start a rousing song.


So I moved on over to my post on the fence but the neighbor’s dog to the left of our house choose to bark.


At that point I gave up trying to nap outside. I went on in and climbed up to my favorite spot on the upstairs windowsill. Mama even gave me a soft pillow. Finally I was able to drift off to dreamland.


Don’t you just hate those days when you cannot find a moment of peace?


A Hard Day’s Night

Lilacs and Tulips 009

This is what Sid looked like after an extremely tough day. In the morning he made his rounds in the garden. Then had a hearty breakfast and played run along the fence with the neighbor dog Arno, who lives directly opposite.

Assorted Pics 003

Sang with the birds on the wire.


Worried a bit about the gray sky thinking rain was coming but the sun came out again.

Springtime 2014 035

A crow came and taunted him to play, who can reach the top of the tree. Sid got up pretty high, like he always does but then that darn crow just let out some caws and flew away. Sid got down, had a hearty dinner and dragged himself off to bed. The picture above shows a very tired cat after a very happy and full day.



Recent Pictures 008.jpg

Just hanging out in my favorite place on the dresser. This makes mama a bit nuts because hey, at times I also like to look at myself and you can see the marks my paws leave on the mirror. Anyway thinking of lots of different things I thought I introduce you to a distant relative of mine. My papa’s daughter Mara adopted a dog and named him Marco. When he was a puppy he came to visit us. You can see that he too is quite a handsome animal and since he too is a boy I can relate to him. Besides he doesn’t live with us and now is quite a big boy.

Recent Pictures 028.jpg

Mara and Marco


Recent Pictures 031.jpg

One last cute pic


Finally you can see how he has grown

Marco in the snow.jpg

And Marco and Mara now

Marco and Mara.jpg