From My Heart to Yours

SID Now 002

Wishing you all animals and hoomins a Happy Valentine’s Day from my kitty heart to yours.

drawn heart


Sid quote: When you love someone always be there for them.


Don’t Bother Me

Spring 2017 018

Groundhog Day has come and gone,

that nasty groundhog –

said six more weeks of winter.

So don’t bother me,

on my favorite chair, I’ll be.

When spring comes creeping over the windowsill,

the birds in the blooming apple tree,

will begin their song

and then happy I’ll be.

Till then of that time I’ll dream –

remember not to bother me!

Spring 2017 032

Sid quote: The best way to get through winter is to find a place where you can be comfortable, warm and content.