Full Moon

Full Moon Pics 017

Sid quote: Let the beauty of the full moon inspire you and let your true emotions shine through.


Welcome Autumn

Spring 2017 032

As the autumn winds blow,

days growing ever shorter,

I will be dreaming of when the spring –

comes once more.

Then upon the windowsill,


I’ll peep out to see,

the apple trees blossoming again

and at the top I’ll be king.


Sid quote: When the autumn and winter interrupt all the good times you have during the spring and summer the best thing you can do is dream sweet dreams till spring comes round again.  


Making Friends

Sid by PC 011

Finally made the decision to make friends with the crows in our garden. I mean everyday mama puts out some food and there are at least five of these big crows flying in for the feeding. Now they do their thing and I do mine and we get along.

Just Loaded 013Just Loaded 011

Funny Sid 001

Sid quote: When you find someone is different from you take the time to get to know them because they might just turn out to be a good friend.


Early Morning Riot

Just Loaded 007

There I was al comfy and cozy sleeping in the early morn. Had a short run and then came in to relax.

Just Loaded 013 As I was drifting off to sleep mama had put breakfast out for the birds that come in the garden. Suddenly there was loud and annoying cawing from the large crows that arrive to enjoy the food.

Just Loaded 015

Finally I found that I could no longer sleep peacefully.

Just Loaded 004

Sid quote: When you find that something has greatly disturbed your sleep the best thing you can do is move over closer to your PC and start gathering inspiration until you can once again begin to dream.