Favorite Blanket

Sid Window 002

The day had been sunny,

the garden a delight.

Birds had sung in the apple trees

and I climbed up for a chorus or two.

Now the sun has gone down,

as the stars light up the sky,

I look for my favourite blanket –

to dream through the night.

Blanket Sid 002

Sid quote: The best way to get a good night’s sleep is to cover yourself up with your favourite blanket.


In My Paradise

Bee Pics 047

I love to softly pad,

on my pussycat feet,

into the garden –

enjoying this delightful paradise.

All about me everything is blooming

and once again I am climbing the apple trees.

Blooming 009

Fragrant pink and white blossoms,

the scent of lilacs in the air.

All of this is such a delight –

in my paradise.

Lilac Time 019


Sid quote: Always take the time to enjoy the beauty of nature.


Don’t Bother Me

Spring 2017 018

Groundhog Day has come and gone,

that nasty groundhog –

said six more weeks of winter.

So don’t bother me,

on my favorite chair, I’ll be.

When spring comes creeping over the windowsill,

the birds in the blooming apple tree,

will begin their song

and then happy I’ll be.

Till then of that time I’ll dream –

remember not to bother me!

Spring 2017 032

Sid quote: The best way to get through winter is to find a place where you can be comfortable, warm and content.


Welcome Autumn

Spring 2017 032

As the autumn winds blow,

days growing ever shorter,

I will be dreaming of when the spring –

comes once more.

Then upon the windowsill,


I’ll peep out to see,

the apple trees blossoming again

and at the top I’ll be king.


Sid quote: When the autumn and winter interrupt all the good times you have during the spring and summer the best thing you can do is dream sweet dreams till spring comes round again.  


Lost Somewhere In Paradise

Alright 050

Spring and summer mornings,

wake us as the sun is dawning,

to a chorus of birds,

singing in the apple tree.

Rushing out to greet the day,

in the garden I see,

the beauty that surrounds me.

Everything so lush and green,

flowers bursting into bloom,

roses, opening to the rays of the sun.

You came out,

with a worried frown

and I laughed,

as I told you –

to put a smile on your face.

Look about you everywhere –

we are lost somewhere in paradise.

Bird on the Road 049

Our cat Sid,

is climbing the apple trees.

he’s found his paradise in our garden.

Come take my hand,

look at our house,-

it may not have towers and gold all about,

but in it we are king and queen

and our four footed friend Sid is the prince.

Sid 008

Come take my hand,

let’s walk along our country roads,

where we can enter medieval forests,

full of mystical creatures

and when the day is done

and the moon and stars come out,

we can cuddle and kiss,

feel the passion which brings us such bliss.

Two lovers that can express,

their feelings without a single word,

lost somewhere in paradise –

along with our cat Sid.

Sid and Ferns 012

Sid quote: When you have your own paradise always be happy for the joy it gives you. 


My Apple Tree


You grow in grace and beauty.

with blossoms of pink and white.

So colorful and full of cheer,

right outside my window.

Birds sing songs of joy,

early in the morn,

hopping about your branches,

while my cat Sid,

on the window sill –

tail swishing to the beat.

Apple tree so lovely,

be it in the sunlight

or by the light of the moon.

Sadness overtakes me,

to think that soon,

your blossoms,

will be blown away by the wind,

creating swirls of white in the air,

but in their place –

apples will begin to grow.

Then I know,

my Sid cannot hide among the blossoms anymore,

but he can better see.

the dances the birds,

upon the branches do.


Sid quote: When sitting outside beneath a tree make sure there are no crows getting ready to bomb you.