Best Days

Now 005

Best days in my life,

are when I can be dreaming,

the sweetest dream I have.

No matter what the season,

come rain or shine,

my days go along just fine.

SID 001

In the spring I love to run about to see,

all the flowers in bloom

and migratory birds returning.

Summer days just fly by,

till autumn comes again.

Lasis 005

Then my days sleeping in the sun,

out in the garden are done.

Moving on indoors,

my best days are spent dreaming,

far from the winter chill.

Latest 001

Sid quote: When the weather outside is cold and dreary the best days are when you sleep and dream. 


The Crows and I

Just Taken 004

We have gray and rainy days now. I roam outside and climb upon the garage roof to see my crow friends. We have four large crows that come to visit us in the garden. Mom has taken the time to take photos. Not too clear but they will do. Me on the garage roof.

Just Loaded 011

One large crow that flew over.

Just Taken 001

Sid quote: When the days get dark and dreary it is best to just be dreaming in a warm and cozy room and spring will come again real soon.


Early Morning Riot

Just Loaded 007

There I was al comfy and cozy sleeping in the early morn. Had a short run and then came in to relax.

Just Loaded 013 As I was drifting off to sleep mama had put breakfast out for the birds that come in the garden. Suddenly there was loud and annoying cawing from the large crows that arrive to enjoy the food.

Just Loaded 015

Finally I found that I could no longer sleep peacefully.

Just Loaded 004

Sid quote: When you find that something has greatly disturbed your sleep the best thing you can do is move over closer to your PC and start gathering inspiration until you can once again begin to dream.


Bird Party


There is a lesson to be learned when Mama puts out food for the birds that fly into our garden.


I sit upon the fence or windowsill and watch them gather together and feed. Mama got some photos of the birds before they flew away. Here is what I learned.

Bird Food 005

Bird Food 004

Sid quote: If birds come to feed in your garden don’t make too much movement and don’t make too much noise. Otherwise the birds will fly up and make a whole lot of noise.


On Top Of the World

New Spring 001

I always sit upon a windowsill,

up on the second story,

from there I can see the world all around me

and then happy I can be.

What more does a cat need,

than to be able to be so very close,

to birds in flight across the skies,

fresh smelling pine trees,

always able to feel so free.

Sitting on top of my world,

I can see far and wide,

everything I see,

makes me glad –

to be living in my paradise.

When I climb on down,

to venture out into the garden,

it is always a joy for me,

to see the green ferns growing,

then all summer I can enjoy their shade

and hide beneath them –

until I’m ready once more to sit on top of my world.

Full Moon Pics 013

Sid quote: When you want to see nature in all of its beauty always make sure you have a great view from the very top.


Outside My Window

more 002

Outside my window

I have a nature film

the apple tree is in blossom

pink flowering branches

waving in the breeze.

Oh, what joy it brings to me!


outside my window

I have an orchestra,

birds big and small

singing in the apple tree

feeling so free.

Oh, what joy it brings to me!


outside my window

I see the beginnings of spring.

birds on the wing

looking for places to nest

flying by with twigs and grass

Oh, what joy it brings to me!


outside my window

my cat Sid on the sill

looking at all the wonder

my cat only has to ponder

how to get the bird that’s in the tree

what a lark, what a spree

seeing the bird and the cat

living side by side

Oh, what joy it brings to me!


Spring 2017 018

Sid quote: When settling down for an afternoon nap always pick the most comfortable chair and choose the most comfortable position for your nap.

Spring 2017 032