Cap of Snow

Lilac Time 002

These are what I call my best portraits with brush. A photo of branches heavy with snow from mom to help me with my inspired latest quote.

Lilac Time 003

Lilac Time 004

Sid quote: In the dead of winter when the snow keeps piling up on the branches walk beneath trees but never linger because you might wind up wearing a cap of snow.

Snowy Branches 001


Go Away Snow


This Easter it snowed and I was so disappointed. No spring holiday for me. So I am putting in one of my best portraits and mama and I have come up with a poem to describe how I am feeling. It certainly isn’t sitting on the fence time yet.

It’s snowing

The world is turning white again

But my heart is yearning

For spring again.


It’s snowing

But I know

That the birds of spring

Are returning

And I feel so sad

That they won’t find

Spring here.

Because the snow

Has blanketed the ground

Once more

And closed the spring door.


It’s snowing

And I’m dreaming

Of crocuses

And blossoming apple trees.

The world has turned

Into a white wonderland

But for me –

I wish that the grass was green

And the sun did gleam.



It is also not enjoying ice cream time either. So I leave you with a Sid quote –

When the winter dumps more snow on you go out and do a spring dance until the sun melts the snow away.

Lilac Time 001.JPG


Winter Goes On


More snow and it is now difficult to get outside. I sort of dash out the door, take a turn on the path papa has shoveled and then hurry on back inside.



Outside the snow,

is piled way up high.

No longer up the trees,

can I fly.

So I am waiting so patiently,

for when the north winds,

stop blowing snowflakes about.

Then I can finally say,

that soon spring,

will be coming my way.


I am sort of bound and determined to hibernate through the rest of winter and come fully awake when I hear the first song birds start chirping outside the window.


Then I can get into my favorite spring and summer sleeping position on the windowsill with the warm breezes blowing about me and I can hear what is going on outside.


Ducks In Winter


I know how I feel wanting to be all comfy and cozy and curled up sleeping in a warm room. The ducks don’t have it so good at least I don’t think so. All the water they swim in freezes up and they wind up sitting on the snow or slip sliding on the ice. Mama thought you’d enjoy seeing some photos of ducks in winter.


Mama feeding them


Leaving you with a pic of my handsome profile and hope you all have a great weekend.


Everywhere Snow


A morning like any other,

had my breakfast

and wanted to wander on out.

In my mind there was no doubt,

some crows for company,

would be about.

Then mama opened the door

and my, oh, my what did I see?

Snow, snow,

everywhere snow.

So I quickly dashed,

my paws so cold,

did what came naturally

and jumped upon the door stoop.

Papa had cleaned off the snow,

so I impatiently waited there,

while mama let me back inside.


As you can see from mama’s photo there is lots of snow in the garden.

I asked her to include some amusing cat quotes about snow. These are my sentiments exactly.


Only good thing is that papa always shovels one long path through the snow through the garden so I don’t have to plow through the snow but some of it does get on my belly because I have such long fur.


Hope you all have a great weekend and keep warm.


Keeping Warm


Sid here reporting from Riga, Latvia. We are in the deep freeze and even with my fur I feel so cold. So how do I manage? Well first thing in the morning as soon as mama and papa get up I stretch out on the bed while it is still warm. In the background you can see the furry, stuffed animals I enjoy sharing my world with.



During the day at anytime at all when I can find some winter sun rays I bask in the sun.


IMGP1605.JPGWintertime 072.jpg

No, upon the windowsill and in-between the windows it’s not too cold for me. Below me hot air blows up from the radiator right beneath the windows and the sun warms my fur.

Wintertime 078.jpg

Of course I sit and contemplate the cold winter scene before me and eagerly wait for the moment when I can see signs of spring and hear the first song birds returning.