Welcome Autumn

Spring 2017 032

As the autumn winds blow,

days growing ever shorter,

I will be dreaming of when the spring –

comes once more.

Then upon the windowsill,


I’ll peep out to see,

the apple trees blossoming again

and at the top I’ll be king.


Sid quote: When the autumn and winter interrupt all the good times you have during the spring and summer the best thing you can do is dream sweet dreams till spring comes round again.  


Raindrops and Roses


Here I am by the PC again. Mama and I prepared a new blog post to delight you. Hope you’re having a great new week.

Summer morning rain,

grass full of droplets,

mama’s roses –

adorned with pearls.

Rainy Roses 007

No rainbow to fill the sky,

I always wonder why.

Then my little wet furry paws,

take me back inside,

to dream and wait,

till the afternoon,

again brings the sunshine.

Rainy Roses 005

Sid quote: If a summer morning brings the rain, find your most comfortable spot and daydream till the sun comes out again.