Embrace Summer

Snow Blob 010

Sid quote: Embrace summer while you can and keep in mind the memories of past summers so they will always warm your heart.


Keep In Mind

on window sid 001

Keep in mind,

your best dreams.

Keep in mind –

the sunniest days.

Always keep in mind,

that which makes you smile.

For me, it’s the sun,

the summer,

climbing apple trees

and dreaming upon the fence.


Sid quote: Always keep in mind the things that make you smile. 


Best Days

Now 005

Best days in my life,

are when I can be dreaming,

the sweetest dream I have.

No matter what the season,

come rain or shine,

my days go along just fine.

SID 001

In the spring I love to run about to see,

all the flowers in bloom

and migratory birds returning.

Summer days just fly by,

till autumn comes again.

Lasis 005

Then my days sleeping in the sun,

out in the garden are done.

Moving on indoors,

my best days are spent dreaming,

far from the winter chill.

Latest 001

Sid quote: When the weather outside is cold and dreary the best days are when you sleep and dream. 


Welcome Autumn

Spring 2017 032

As the autumn winds blow,

days growing ever shorter,

I will be dreaming of when the spring –

comes once more.

Then upon the windowsill,


I’ll peep out to see,

the apple trees blossoming again

and at the top I’ll be king.


Sid quote: When the autumn and winter interrupt all the good times you have during the spring and summer the best thing you can do is dream sweet dreams till spring comes round again.