Summer Heat


Sid quote: The best places to sleep during days when the summer turns on the heat is upon windowsills before open windows.


Have a meowerful weekend and keep cool.


Outside My Window

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Outside my window

I have a nature film

the apple tree is in blossom

pink flowering branches

waving in the breeze.

Oh, what joy it brings to me!


outside my window

I have an orchestra,

birds big and small

singing in the apple tree

feeling so free.

Oh, what joy it brings to me!


outside my window

I see the beginnings of spring.

birds on the wing

looking for places to nest

flying by with twigs and grass

Oh, what joy it brings to me!


outside my window

my cat Sid on the sill

looking at all the wonder

my cat only has to ponder

how to get the bird that’s in the tree

what a lark, what a spree

seeing the bird and the cat

living side by side

Oh, what joy it brings to me!


Spring 2017 018

Sid quote: When settling down for an afternoon nap always pick the most comfortable chair and choose the most comfortable position for your nap.

Spring 2017 032


My Apple Tree


You grow in grace and beauty.

with blossoms of pink and white.

So colorful and full of cheer,

right outside my window.

Birds sing songs of joy,

early in the morn,

hopping about your branches,

while my cat Sid,

on the window sill –

tail swishing to the beat.

Apple tree so lovely,

be it in the sunlight

or by the light of the moon.

Sadness overtakes me,

to think that soon,

your blossoms,

will be blown away by the wind,

creating swirls of white in the air,

but in their place –

apples will begin to grow.

Then I know,

my Sid cannot hide among the blossoms anymore,

but he can better see.

the dances the birds,

upon the branches do.


Sid quote: When sitting outside beneath a tree make sure there are no crows getting ready to bomb you.



The Bee and Me


There I was just lounging around. Right in the way of mom getting ready to wash the floor but then I like to get my own way. All of a sudden a bee went whizzing past my ear. I really hate those buzzing, flying things. Then while I was getting all excited mom showed me how friendly a bee could be.


However I decided that after that bee got placed on the plant it was safer to take my nap upon the windowsill where I wouldn’t be bothered anymore.


Hope you all have a great day.


Window Gazing


I simply love to sit on windowsills particularly in the spring and summer. When I sit and sunbathe on windowsills on the ground floor I usually wander out in the garden after awhile. Now mama when she sees this likes to shout, “And Elvis has left the building!”. Most often when I have been a bit naughty or haven’t finished my food. Now I don’t mind her referring to me by this name but wonder why it always gets a chuckle from Papa. Anyway hope you like the pictures.


Occasionally I get rather tired and tend to drift off to sleep.




That’s all for now and I’m heading into the garden. As mama says – Elvis has left the building. Meow and bye.



Keeping Warm


Sid here reporting from Riga, Latvia. We are in the deep freeze and even with my fur I feel so cold. So how do I manage? Well first thing in the morning as soon as mama and papa get up I stretch out on the bed while it is still warm. In the background you can see the furry, stuffed animals I enjoy sharing my world with.



During the day at anytime at all when I can find some winter sun rays I bask in the sun.


IMGP1605.JPGWintertime 072.jpg

No, upon the windowsill and in-between the windows it’s not too cold for me. Below me hot air blows up from the radiator right beneath the windows and the sun warms my fur.

Wintertime 078.jpg

Of course I sit and contemplate the cold winter scene before me and eagerly wait for the moment when I can see signs of spring and hear the first song birds returning.